cGMP Potsdam 2005

  • The city of Potsdam is located just south-west of Berlin in an idyllic setting of woods and lakes. In the 17th century Potsdam became the second royal seat of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Over the centuries, these Prussian kings and emperors developed the city into a harmonious landscape of gardens, parks and palaces.

    Sanssouci, the palace built by Frederick the Great is perhaps the best known monument in Potsdam. The palace and the gardens of Potsdam are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city is also famous for the Potsdam Conference held at the end of the Second World War, at which Stalin, Churchill and Truman decided on the future of Central Europe. Combining a rich cultural heritage with modern conveniences, Potsdam is an ideal place to meet and discuss new avenues of enquiry in the area of cyclic GMP.

  • Krongut - the Crown Estate of Bornstedt

  • Schloss Sanssoucci - Sanssouci Palace

  • Shipping in Potsdam

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