cGMP Leipzig 2003
cGMP Postdam 2005
cGMP Regensburg 2009
cGMP Halle 2011
cGMP Potsdam 2005

In the late 70’s, cyclic GMP was discovered as one of the first second messengers. But even after discovery of the NO:cGMP pathway and the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, cGMP remained dispersed over several fields, protein kinases, cyclases, phosphodiesterases, ion channels, with very little interaction amongst scientists.

In 2003, the 1st International Meeting on "cGMP" took place.
An exciting breakthrough as every participant felt it represented the birth and recognition as an independent field.

The 2nd meeting in in 2005 in Potsdam continued and established this series by addressing broadly all cGMP generators and effectors as well as their pathophysiological and pharmacological implications.

In 2007, we’ll have already our 3rd meeting. In keeping up the tradition to present the highlights of former Eastern Germany we will meet between June 15 and 17 in Dresden, Germany, for up to 200 participants. The organizers will try their best to keep cGMP 2007 affordable for young scientists and students allowing them to participate and to foster stimulating discussions. More than ever, this will be a meeting you should not miss…

Sincerely yours

Franz Hofmann Harald Schmidt Johannes-Peter Stasch



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